Access Control

Players have access control so they can control who joins their server.

Nodecraft Studio segments player-created servers by two basic Access Control settings. By default, all servers use the Allow-Based access control.

Allow-Based Access

Server Allows are a modern system of access control, formerly commonly referred to as a white-list. Players must be added to the Allowlist by the Server Owner before they can join the server. Friends of the Server Owner can see the server in-game, no matter what status the Allow list is in.

Allow Acceptance Status

When an Allow is created by a Player, a Notification is sent to the recipient player to accept the Allow. Once accepted, the recipient Player will be able to join the server. This Allow can be rejected or revoked at any time by either the recipient Player or the Server Owner, respectively.

Public Server Access

Only Community servers can change their access control to allow public access.

All Public Access Servers are moderated and approved by either Nodecraft's Moderation team and/or by the Game Studio. These are public and open to the internet for anyone to join.

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