Server Profile

Server profiles are super important for players to make informed decisions about what server they want to connect to. Server profiles contain vital information, such as server title, description, rules, and current players. All of this information will hopefully draw your players in to joining the server and hopefully sticking around for a long time!

Personal Servers

Personal server profiles contain a smaller amount of data as compared to a community server.

Currently it consists of

  • A title
  • Who created the server
  • A list of players allowed to play
  • A list of players currently online and recently played
  • Moderation log

An example of the UI of a personal server profile from the Official Nodecraft Studio SDK:


Community Servers

Community servers get to unlock a new set of content that needs to be accounted for alongside the content that already came with personal servers. That includes:

  • A summary/tagline
  • A server overview
    • This can be presented as Markdown
  • A set of rules that the player must agree to before playing
    • Also can be presented as Markdown
    • Since the player must accept these rules before playing you’ll want to add a way to accept them
  • Tags
  • An about section
    • This about section may contain external links

Community servers have a bit more information that needs to be conveyed in an organized manner. An example of this can be seen in the official SDK.

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