Player Consents

When playing online, you must handle Legal Terms of Service agreements alongside other acknowledgments such as server rules. Tracking versions of those documents, which versions players have signed, and when those were signed is a part of the Player Consent system.

Legal Consents

Legal consents are tracked before a Player Ident can be issued. Refer to the Ident: Send Token request to sign consents.

Server Rules

Server Rules must be consented to before a player can Join a Server. This helps ensure players are aware of the rules and provides further legal protection from purchases.

Combined Platform + Game Consents

All consents are a multi-layer inheritance system that creates a single document for players to consent to. This allows for Identity Platforms such as Steam, Xbox, or others to define their consent for players or even rules for players on their platform. As the Game Studio, you can also define your baseline of rules or legal TOS, which is combined into that same document for consenting. Finally, if the consent requires the context of a server, such as that in a Server Rules, that is also added to the combined document.

Each layer of the Consent Inheritance Model:

TypeDescriptionConsent Types
NodecraftDefined by the lawyers at NodecraftLegal, Server Rules
Identity PlatformDefined by the Identity Platform the Player is using. It will differ depending on the player's platform they identified onLegal, Server Rules
GameDefined by the studio for the gameLegal, Server Rules
CommunityIf the server is a part of a community, the rules for that community ownerServer Rules
ServerRules for the server being joinedServer Rules

Inheritance for consents is ordered: Nodecraft → Identity Platform → Game → Community → Server

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