Server Regions

Server regions play an important part in making sure players have an enjoyable experience on a game. Nobody likes having to connect across the world to play a game. Nodecraft Studio makes sure that players never have to unexpectedly connect to Australia from New York.

All servers and players are classified into a nearby region. When a server entry is returned, we provide the region it is located in as well as a distance score. This score is calculated based on how far away the player’s region is from the server’s region.

Distance Score

The distance score is a good metric to use to determine if the server is a good fit for a player. It can also be used to power a signal gauge in UI elements. This value ranged from 0 to 5 with 0 being the furthest and 5 being the closest.

For example, if a player is in NA East and the server they’re looking at is in NA West, the returned distance score would be 5. Whereas NA West to South Africa would be 0.

These distance scores are calculated on the fly for each server returned based on the current player.