When authenticating requests to the Nodecraft Studio API, your requests will be represented by one of 4 models:

Authentication ModelTypeDescription
Game Studio.Private Game Access TokenGame Studio, likely running their own automation
Game ClientPublic Game Access TokenGame Client, Player has not yet authenticated
PlayerPlayer Access TokenGame Client, Player has authenticated via the Ident Process
Game Server.Server Access TokenGame Server Executable, running on Nodecraft, self-hosted, or other

If you're utilizing a Nodecraft SDK, the majority of these authentication models are already setup and consumed for you.

Players will only use the Public Game Access Token (which is a public key with very little access) or their own Player Access Tokens as they are guided through the Ident process for authorization.

Consuming Access tokens

All Access Tokens use the same x-nodecraft-auth Header for the API requests. By design, this only allows a request to be authorized for a single resource at any given time.

Acquiring Access Tokens

As a Studio launching its Community Multiplayer, you'll be issued a Private Game Access Token & Public Game Access Token via the Nodecraft Studio Console. You can view the cycle and create additional Tokens from this Console.

Game Clients

The Ident Process outlines the process in which a Public Game Access Token becomes a Player Access Token as the user Authenticates via the Platform.

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