Nodecraft’s Player Ident system also includes relationship data for each Player so that friends are included in the APIs provided. This will show the same friends from the Identity Platforms supported as in-game friends as long as they are online and using the Nodecraft Studio APIs.

As each Player connects to the Nodecraft Studio platform, their data is stored in a way that requires each player to authenticate and verify their friendship status. This double-verification process creates additional security and verification to ensure that Player and Creator privacy on the platform is given due process to protect the people behind the screens.

Cross-platform Friends

Nodecraft’s Friend system does not currently support cross-platform friends. This feature is planned and will be supported in the future to enable folks to become friends across platforms and to see friends across player IDs.

Data Restrictions

Nodecraft has dramatically limited the amount of data stored for each player and friendship to include the data required to provide social functionality strictly. That has some functional limitations, which are important to note:

Refreshing Friend Information

Each time a player authenticates via the Ident Process, their own data and friends' data are queued for refresh from the identity platform they authenticated.

Data Privacy & Expiration

Nodecraft respects the privacy of all online players while using the Nodecraft Studio Platform. To ensure players have a right to be forgotten and ensure their data doesn’t linger in the Nodecraft platform, Nodecraft will remove all friend relationships & personally identifiable after a player does not use the platform for a set amount of time. Each Identity Platform has its own set Player Data Retention Time, as shown on Identity Platforms. The default expiration time, if none, is set defaults to 365 days.

What’s Next