Fallback: Email

Manual-Ident Process for email users in Nodecraft Studio

Nodecraft is committed to supporting dynamic and automatic authentication for all features of Nodecraft Studio. We're here to utilize robust systems where people are already invested, meeting our customers where they and their friends already are. That means on existing social media platforms. We're not here to reinvent the wheel with our own independent network. However, we understand that in some scenarios, there are valid reasons for a fallback user system that's not dependent on another platform. So, our system can stand on its own, primarily for testing purposes.


This Ident is ideal for developer testing or for situations where you want to support platforms without DRM or social integration.

How it Works

This Manual-Ident process requires you to collect the user's email and submit it to the Ident: Manual Challenge API request. The email given will be sent a branded email with the code each time they log in.

That token is submitted to the Ident: Send Token API request.


  • Players with this authentication can quickly/easily switch to other emails & evade bans.
  • Players with this ident process do not have a custom avatar.
  • Players with this ident are publicly listing their email on the platform.
  • Players with this ident do not currently have a way to add friends. This functionality will be considered in the future.

What’s Next