Inherit from ANodecraftGameModeBase


DISCLAIMER: Documentation for our Unreal Engine Plugin is under construction and subject to change while the SDK is in technical preview.

In any AGameMode running on your server, there are a number of things you must do in order for everything to run smoothly with Nodecraft Studio services.

  • Digest the player’s Join Token, which will be an option appended to their connection string when they join your server (see below), in order to verify that the player is allowed to join your server.
  • (Optional) Disallow anyone from joining the server at all if they don't even declare a join token in PreLogin(...)
  • Tell the UNodecraftGameServerManager to cache player verification data before server travel occurs
  • Tell the UNodecraftGameServerManager that we are transitioning to a new level when we start to leave the map


The easiest way to do this is to simply inherit from ANodecraftGameModeBase. All of the logic above will be done for you.

You will need to include the module NodecraftGame in your project's public or private dependencies.

If you would prefer to implement this logic yourself, please refer to ANodecraftGameModeBase to ensure you properly implement all logic.


Bear in mind that if you choose to not inherit from ANodecraftGameModeBase, you will be responsible for copying over any updates to the logic therein whenever you use a new version of the SDK.