Just in Time Servers

One of the core problems with traditional solutions to Player Created Game Servers is justifying the costs of running a Game Server 24/7 in a professional data center. For the average consumer they are often forced to make a choice of:

  1. Pay for a premium hosting provider such as Nodecraft.com
  2. Find a budget host that has questionable performance and quality as other players use the server
  3. Self-Host, if they have the technical know-how and budget

No matter the choice, these servers cost money when used or unused, require the networking IP reservations, and create a larger CO2 footprint. It doesn’t matter if a player is online or if it’s 4am on a Tuesday.

Introducing Just In Time Servers

Nodecraft’s innovation provides Player-Created Servers that deployed to the datacenter only as a player requests to join the Game Server. In a system that’s transparent to the Game Developer, Player, and everyone else Nodecraft can make sure servers are deployed Just In Time for gameplay.

Game Servers are in one of 3 states:

In Cold StorageIn this state, the Game Server can be quickly deployed to a node anywhere in the server region set by the Game Server.10 seconds - 2 minutes depending on Game Server data size
Warmed UpIn this state, the Game Server is actively deployed a node, but may not have networking assigned to it or be actively accepting connections.< 10 seconds
OnlineIn this state, The Game Server is actively accepting new connections and is immediately available for gameplay.Immediate, no delay.

Predicted Deploys

With a blend of data science and future-planned AI technology, Nodecraft can optimize the deployment time for larger servers with player trends to make the server warm up rather than loading from a cold start.